Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back from Comic Con

Holy hell, I'm surprised my head didn't explode.

So much cool in the span of 5 days...

I'll post about the trip soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

B Movie Benefit Art Show!

The lovely Queen of Trash has put together this art show as benefit to a town in Franklin, Indiana which is being severely flooded. Many of us in the Scary Art Collective are contributing pieces to this show. Please stop by, buy some rad "B Movie" themed art, and help with a good cause. A total win win I'd say.

6.9 on the Richter scale!

Yes, they put this on a t-shirt.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where is my mind?

It greatly interests me as to what muses creativity. What is it that sparks perpetual fire in a mind to drive change, art, or any equally intriguing combination of the both? Is tantalizing stimulation the cause? Maybe I'm just thinking out loud but this idea of what makes us tick is something I don't always understand or am able to wrap my head around.

Maybe the question I'm really getting at is what is it that drives us to do what we do? Be it creative or completely non affective, it amazes me as to what drives us towards our actions. Even more, these reasons are totally unique to each individual.

I know these things that "get us going" increase the level of activity in our brains. Sometimes my mind feels like it's whirling around in my skull at an alarming pace before it violently punches out of my forehead with what ever ideas or plans of actions it's prepped me to carry out. I surprisingly enjoy this storm that brews in my head when I'm intrigued or taken back.

Is there nothing more refreshing then new and enticing sources of stimulus? Ideas that make you think, drive change, and want to better yourself. People or places that captivate you. The promise of excitement, adventure, or the thrill of seeking out exactly what you want. Mind candy indeed.

I know I question more and more these days, as the tally of question marks in this entry would imply. But questioning is one liberty we are given in this strange little world.

Friends, what sparks you?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scream Greats: Tom Savini

Thank you Fangoria. Once again PaulKuk's youtube channel saves me from hours of boredom. This time a feature on the horror effects master, Tom Savini. Part 1, Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Transformation, Unlike the Undead

I sit on this Tuesday afternoon in a room of my house trying to beat the 112 degree temperature with a ceiling fan and semi-functioning air conditioner. This heat isn't giving me a migraine, exhaustion, or causing me to function slightly faster then a slug. Relaxation, I feel it today. Though surprised I'll try to appreciate the fact that it's calm and not laziness. Afternoons with nowhere to go and nothing to do are something I grow more fond of.

In resemblance to most of my time at home, a horror movie is playing in the background while I wait for a pot of black tea to brew. My now iced chai is really hitting the spot as I watch Baroness Meinster rise as a new vampire while Dracula's Brides do their bidding.

I'm antsy to write and give my brain a rest while I get the thoughts that bundle and trouble out of my mind. I guess that's one of the reasons I started this blog. Writing it all down almost makes me feel like the late Baroness.

No, I haven't joined a bloodsucking cult since the last saw time you saw me. I just mean I feel change and transformation in myself. Documenting it all and writing it out here helps me view and understand it while covering the bases.

Most older friends and family tell me every chance they get, and maybe they're right. I'm growing up, though I'm not really sure what that means. Truthfully, the idea of "grown ups" frightens me. I guess I'm changing, evolving into something better. I hope.

This Sam Grove version 2.0 isn't jaded, or looking at things with a large chip on her shoulder. She doesn't have the most worldly eye nor has she experienced everything there is to see, but she is out there experiencing and learning. She may be more realistic now with a sprinkle of cynicism, but she hasn't lost all hope. She's evolving to the point where she refers to herself in third person. Oh, classy.

I'm not really sure what anything means lately, but... if anything means anything, then this means something good. For now.

Enid Tells It


I excite like a school girl for new issues:

Fairly ridiculous. That's me!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thrash Is A True Friendship Builder

The past few weeks have been extremely nostalgic. It's strange to think that I'll actually miss some aspects of Redding when I'm finished making the move to Sacramento, but none the less I'm certain it will happen. The two things I'll miss the most: friendships and the odd music projects that spawned from those friendships.

When I got back into town last week Miles Claiborne and Ethan Purvis called me to try to schedule some type of hang out time. It is known by a few, but Ethan, Miles, and I originally met and bonded while starting a Misfits cover band called Teenagers From Mars a few years ago. We quickly realized we were all a bunch of skater music nerds with common interests and have been the best of friends since.

Now the one thing we bonded over the most, was a love of really fucking fast music. Call us short attention span youth, but there is nothing better then a song, set, band, etc. that blitzes through a set at record speed. This love for music that was ridiculously fast birthed a side project called Trash Can Adventure Kids (T.C.A.K.). By the time I'd met Ethan and Miles they'd already been jamming out really aggressive thrash but needed someone to sing and write lyrics. Upon finding out a shared interest, I quickly joined T.C.A.K. Since it was a side band for all of us we only played a few shows with the material we wrote and a few live recordings surfaced. We'd made the plans to record an EP, but with all of us having different bands, college, and commitments elsewhere, it was hard to make time for it.

My friends, we finally made the time and recorded. Fuck...yeah! It only took an entire year, apologies to the 3 people who remember our shows from last year. The EP will be released in the next month and we finish recording it tomorrow. Everything is DIY down to the recordings in Redding, a fact about the music scene here which is really fucking awesome. Miles is a genius with recording so we've set up camp with his home recording equipment. The EP will contain 4 or 5 originals, a few covers, and a few live tracks.

The recording process and looking back on all the songs we wrote in the past years has been so incredibly fun. It's great seeing how much our friendship has evolved, I fucking love those guys. Spending time with Miles and Ethan, talking about all the good times, the music, all of it... has been another bitter sweet and precious memory of living in Redding.

Friendship is a wonderful thing. And now I'm getting all sentimental... *punches self in head*

Rather, I'm gonna put on some Dropdead, thank my lucky stars for having great friends, and reflect on all the good times.