Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easy Rider

Amidst growing up, we rarely get to see all the multi-facets that made our parents who they were before they became solely identifiable to us as mom and dad. As far as my father was concerned, I knew that he was a rugby player for 20 years, traveler, concert bouncer, and motorcycle owner.

The rugby player in my dad has been visible for the past twenty one years. His former teammates are my second family and I've heard every story from those glory days at least forty five times. They are all good people. Rugby gave my father the opportunity to travel extensively, and finding his old passports when I was a kid gave me a chance to see his evolution through the pictures that graced them. The first, a fu manchu and long hair, and several different hair lengths and facial hair styles to follow. And I'd heard the stories of him meeting CCR and James Brown when he worked their shows in Riverside. But the riding motorcycles era, all I'd ever known about was a bad crash that kept him out of a year of high school. I wanted to know more!

Since I'm a bit of gear head I couldn't help but have some curiosity. I mean, motorcycles are cool right? My dad was cool? Still is cool? Difficult things for a child to ponder! Story spun quick, my dad opened up to me about the motorcycle days. About how from the age of 16 to 22 the only vehicles he had were bikes. About the accident that kept him in summer school for two years. About how much he loved bikes and missed riding now. I expressed an interest in learning to ride, and my dad offered to teach me!

Fast forward three weeks, and we've been out riding (by the kindness and graciousness of my uncle for letting us borrow two of his dirt bikes) three or four times and it's been a very precious experience. I say this in the most sincere of ways because when your seemingly grown up finding ways to bond with your family becomes a really cool thing.

Now, members of my family and myself are looking into buying bikes. If you have a bike for sale, get at me! Or any of the Grove's.

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Cary said...

That's a really cool story about connecting with your dad in a new way. Be safe and have fun on those bikes!