Sunday, November 30, 2008

And the time goes where exactly?

Excuse me, but, where did November go? Where did October and September go for that matter? I feel rushed out of the present all the time because the world likes to hurry me out of the moment and into the future. In this fast paced world we live in, why are we always worried about what hasn't happened? Planning for Christmas when we haven't even reached Halloween, worrying about the last cookie in the package when we are enjoying one from the top of the bag, and over-analyzing tomorrow when we haven't even made it through today. Shit's exhausting.

From now on, I challenge you as I challenge myself to totally and completely live in the now. I know this sounds like some new age bull shit, but let's be serious. Make small steps everyday to enjoy your day a little more. We wonder why we all turn into stress freaks, emotional wrecks, and anxious over worrying people. The key is letting it all go, and appreciating the moments that we have to cease... in the present.

Are you up for the challenge?


Tom H. said...

As I was reading that I thought "I kinda do that already." But, I really don't. Today was day 4 of my 4 day weekend, and I was getting bummed that I have to work tomorrow instead of enjoying my day.
Good challenge, Miss Sam. I'll try....

Cary said...

I always try to do that, my new-agey friend. :) It ain't easy sometimes, but the more you're able to live in the moment, the happier you generally tend to be. That's not to ignore the past or future, but not to obsess on them either.